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Ife’s Testimony

I was at the bus stop waiting for my cousin. Whilst I was waiting for her, I proceeded to sing to the Lord and worship him. I then turned my head to the left and saw a guy who looked as if he was in serious pain to the point where he was limping.

I walked over to him to ask if he was okay, and whilst he was telling me what happened to him the holy spirit told me to pray for him. Whilst this was occurring, I felt a wave of anointing overshadow me.

I then laid my hand on the part of his body where he was injured and declared healing to his body from the crown of his head to the souls of his feet. Finally, I said “thank you lord for you have given me the supernatural ability to heal the sick.”

To the glory of God, a few minutes later he began to yell and shout that he was healed.

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