NCVZ 1 Zonal Teens Summer camp and conference

The 2017 Teens Zonal Conference was an amazing and exciting time in the presence of God. Over 350 teenagers from all over the zone gathered together to be stirred up, impacted and imparted to achieve greater results in their personal life, cell and various teens churches. The Conference consisted of three sessions; Morning, Afternoon and Evening Sessions. The morning session which began with various exercises and aerobics as well as lessons on body coordination whilst the afternoon session was made up of different workshops and Super Sessions.

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The Evening Session was the plenary Session with the Esteemed Zonal Pastor; Pastor T.T Edun. This session was a mind-blowing experience as the teenagers were filled with expectations which was satisfied and surpassed by God’s spirit. The Esteemed Zonal Pastor ministered on the importance of following Gods plan which is in His word, having the ability to make them be teenagers of Greatness, Influence and impact.

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Drawing reference from Gen 12, he said that people are influenced by their country, community and family. But when God wants to make a man great, he separates him from all these factors. He told the teenagers never to let their lives be controlled by circumstances. At the close of the session the esteemed Zonal Pastor ministered to every teenager in the auditorium, firing them with all the spiritual resources they require to fulfill God’s plan.

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Glory to God.


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