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37 Teens Led to Christ in Pretoria at ‘J16 Banquet’

13 teens commemorate South Africa’s Youth Day with creative arts and God’s Word.

213 teenagers, from different parts of Pretoria, assembled to be blessed, inspired and taught God’s Word at a teens’ banquet on South Africa’s Youth Day, June 16.

The program, which featured an eclectic range of creative arts, from ballet to rap and everything in between, resulted in the salvation of 37 teenagers, who also received the HolyGhost. The atmosphere was charged with shouts of joy as the youths enjoyed themselves. Every delegate was treated to a 3-course meal in expression of Christ’s liquid love.

Youth Day in South Africa marks the bravery demonstrated by youths in 1976 during the ‘Soweto Uprising‘, a historic show of human rights activism.

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