2,555 Teenagers Converge for Destiny-Shaping ‘Fire for Your Future’

516 teens decide to live for Jesus, 99 receive healing in their bodies at CE Erediauwa event.

2,555 teenagers converged at CE Erediauwa for a destiny-shaping ‘Fire for your Future’ program, where 516 of them made the decision to live for the Lord Jesus for the rest of their lives.

The esteemed Zonal Pastor showed delegates from 30 schools how to be winners in life. Pastor Moses taught them to choose to win, hook up to Christ, speak His language, go for Christ and win for Him. He aptly reminded the teenagers that there is no ‘teenage Holy Ghost’, therefore they are not too young to do “greater works” as prophesied in John 14:12.

After a special impartation, 99 teenagers testified of diverse healing miracles. A pair of twins got healed of blurry vision after 17 years, while another attendee testified of deliverance from uncontrollable anger, among so many others miracles.

Copies of ‘the Power of Your Mind‘ and Rhapsody TeeVo were distributed to all teenagers present. The program also featured stirring sessions of prayer and worship, while the teens were ministered to in electrifying dance and drama. An inter-school essay competition was also a major feature of the program.



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