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15 Days of Excellence journey with Rev. Ken Oyakhilome! Day 1

Today, April 10, marks the first day of the BLW Nation’s first-of-its-kind simultaneous study program of the latest best seller on mind management, ‘the Power of Your Mind‘ by the man of God, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome.

This book is one of the greatest blessings to the Church of Jesus Christ in the last days. As such, we will study diligently and open our hearts and our minds to receive the impartation of the blessing in this book to upgrade our lives through the power of a renewed mind.

We will not only study but will also sponsor and spread this book into everyman’s world, starting with the spread of its teachings into our own hearts during these 15 days. We will study one chapter every day, beginning with the introduction today and ending on Sunday, April 24, with a Thanksgiving and Testimony Service.

The Power of Your Mind’ is a 13-chapter book of 193 pages. It is a manual on mind management and as such it is not the kind of book that you can speed-read. You have to take it all in, chapter by chapter and digest its truth and principles. Our man of God has graciously provided us with a free chapter by chapter electronic study guide available for free download at

It is going to be reviewed during our cell meetings, Wednesday and Sunday services and every other time we meet. On Sundays, in every church, there will be quizzes and opportunities to share revelations from this book. Very importantly also, for the period of study, you will have to follow closely on your
 zone or region’s KingsChat SuperUser account for further information and activities.

Remember to get your personal copy of ‘the Power of Your Mind‘, if you are yet to; get your writing materials, because the inspirations of the Spirit will come to you; select a quiet place to study 45 minutes to 1 hour daily; get your Individual Excellence Study Guide.

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